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MICRODOSE CAPSULES: We have capsules which contain standardized microdoses of psilocybe mushroom in a neutral base.

We have two kinds of capsules. One is made with a spirulina base in a standard pharmaceutical capsule. The other uses a neutral oat flour base and vegan capsules. All capsules are gluten-free.

Both capsules come in four strengths. 12.5mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. (This number refers to the amount of dried mushroom in the capsule.)

We find that most people report benefits with doses in the range of 75mg to 150mg, taken twice a week.

The microdose capsules are available to all of our members. We do not require medical information to provide microdoses.

16 capsules ( 1 month supply ) : 50$ CAD
48 capsules ( 3 month supply ) : 140$ CAD

96 capsules ( 6 month supply ) : 275$ CAD


Psilocybin is non-toxic. Like cannabis, it is effectively impossible to die from a psilocybin overdose. A lethal dose would require eating several kilos of mushrooms at once. Dosages of psilocybe mushrooms over 1000mg can produce profound psychedelic effects.

Because psilocybin interacts with the serotonin system, you should exercise caution when combining psilocybin with other serotonergic substances.

These dosages below can vary by bodyweight and personal psychology.

• MICRODOSE: At microdose levels between 100mg and 200mg, psilocybin will produce very little or no noticeable psychedelic effect. At these low doses, there will usually be feelings of reduced anxiety, peacefulness, and increased human connection.

• MID-LEVEL: A mid-level dose between 400mg and 800mg will typically produce noticeable psychedelic effects but low-intensity and manageable. If you are planning to do a high-level dose for the first time, it is recommended to try a mid-level dose first to get acclimated to the experience.

• HIGH-LEVEL: A high-level dose between 1000mg and 2000mg will usually produce a strong psychedelic breakthrough effect and is the best range for psychedelic therapy purposes.

• VERY HIGH: Doses over 3000mg will produce intense psychedelic effects with a higher potential for feelings of fear and anxiety, without increased therapeutic benefit.

While larger doses of psilocybe mushrooms are psychedelic and will definitely impair driving, microdoses should not affect your ability to drive or perform other tasks. However, we urge caution as you adjust your dosage to the appropriate level.

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